It's no secret that sometimes even life in paradise can get boring and you will need to sell your apartment in Dubai. But seriously speaking, life circumstances are different, and it may turn out that you will need money more than your Thai apartment.

How will an ordinary inexperienced person act?

He will place his ad on some popular local site, while immediately cutting down the circle of potential buyers in advance. Not being an expert in real estate matters, he will set a price much lower than the market price, eventually losing several hundred thousand rubles; or, what happens even more often, will lift her to the skies - after all, this is his favorite apartment, which seems to him a model of perfection. As a result, days and months go by, and the seller is surprised to notice that for some reason there are no buyers or calls. If the seller himself is not a realtor, then there is a high probability that he will forget to emphasize the main advantages of his apartment in the ad, and, on the contrary, stick out the disadvantages.

What will a wise and competent client do to sell an apartment in Dubai?

He will entrust the sale of his apartment to the company CMP Realty , Russian-speaking realtors in Dubai. They will be able to set an adequate price for your living space, taking into account the surrounding infrastructure, proximity to the sea, the market situation, and offer your apartment not only to Russians, but also to Chinese and European audiences. This, as you understand, significantly increases your chances of a sale. At the same time, you do not have to be in the UAE during the entire transaction, which will save your time and effort. We will assign you a permanent manager who will be responsible for all stages of the sale. At our own expense, we will place an ad in specialized Russian and foreign media, an agent multilisting system (AMLS), which will greatly simplify the process. In addition, we are responsible for the legal security and reliability of the transaction. Our experts will pay attention to those professional secrets that sellers usually ignore, but which can significantly affect the price. For example, to increase the value of an apartment, you need to carry out a general cleaning; toss out all unnecessary items, remove excess furniture to make rooms appear larger, and remove family photos and personal effects (according to the British company Big Yellow Self Storage, sellers increase property value by an average of £4,811 by throwing trash away, and by £921 by hiding family photos); hire specialists to repair broken devices or communications; make cosmetic repairs (if required), in particular, repaint the walls in neutral colors. Professional photos, which we help to take, raise the number of views of the object by 61% compared to amateur ones.

Also, not everyone knows that the real estate market is bullish (when prices rise) and bearish (when they fall). Based on this, it is important to evaluate the trend and understand whether time is working for the seller or the buyer and whether you can afford the luxury of sorting through one buyer after another.

The uniqueness of the company CMP also lies in the fact that we carry out transactions for all types of apartment exchange. Alternative, passing, congress - any option is carried out without problems by our specialists. We will help you sell an apartment in your city in Russia and buy an apartment in Dubai. The work of our agency is built in such a way that the search for buyers for your apartment, as well as the search for apartments that satisfy your own interests, is carried out simultaneously and as quickly as possible. We have an extensive database of both internal exchanges in Dubai and exchanges under the scheme Russia - UAE and UAE - Russia.

We work with all categories of clients. Including those who wish to purchase housing on credit. And this is again a new segment of buyers for your apartment. A notary, a lawyer, a contract - we will take all these problems on our shoulders.

Our company makes sure that its customers are guaranteed to get rid of any risks that often accompany independent and conducted transactions without expert support. Remember that legal support for real estate transactions is a reliable way to protect yourself from fraud and loss of money. Only with us the guarantee of the security of the transaction is confirmed by a certificate of liability from GZHA.rf. We are responsible for the purity of the transaction with our own money.

Leave a request on our website to sell an apartment in Dubai and experience the maximum benefit from cooperation with us!

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