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Antalya is a popular Turkish resort

Owning a property in this amazing city is the dream of many. Moreover, it is quite realistic to buy apartments in Antalya. This will help you CMP Realty.

The office of CMP Realty is a real estate agency in Antalya, where qualified Russian realtors work, who will help you figure it out and make the right choice. It will be easy for you to find a common language with them to buy an apartment in Antalya. In addition, you have the opportunity to buy an apartment in Antalya in installments.

If you do not plan to live here permanently, then you can use the purchased housing and earn money by renting real estate in Antalya. This is a great investment! Thousands of tourists come here every day. There will always be demand for rent.

If necessary, you can easily sell an apartment in Antalya. Our realtors will help you sell your apartment in Antalya for a high price. You just need to contact CMP Realty and buying property in Turkey will become more affordable.

Cooperating with us, you will be sure of a positive result. The company is fully responsible for its work and gives a special warranty certificate of liability.


A Siberian company with an international name CMP Realty is on the real estate market since year 2007 and has more than 20 offices in Russia and abroad, tens of thousands of completed transactions. Our agency is one of the largest federal international agencies in Russia.

CMP Realty has offices in Dubai, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, Antalya, Alanya, Toronto and Singapore. Now, with questions of buying, selling, renting, exchanging, mortgages, you can contact Russian realtors from a reliable company.


You get all the necessary services and consultations in one place.

In the real estate market, we differ in that we carry out the sale and exchange not only within one city, we have a program of federal and international sales and exchanges especially for you. Without leaving your city, you can buy housing abroad.


Contact our company and forget about the torment of choosing the perfect home. You will not have any paperwork with documents. Everything is done in the shortest possible time.


What to do if there is still not enough money?

We help to arrange a mortgage at an affordable 8% per annum. This is one of the advantages of Thailand - not every country has loans available for foreigners.

And who will be in charge of renting out an apartment and providing visa support?

Of course, our company. We have many years of experience and more than three hundred objects under management.

I have read everything, what should I do next?

Look for your option on the website or contact the company directly by leaving a request on the website.

Why should you trust us:

RELIABILITY Our professionalism and legal purity of transactions help to achieve high reliability of the result and purchase real estate in Pattaya as soon as possible.

STABILITY We are not a fly-by-night company. We have been working in the market for a long time and stable. We maintain an excellent microclimate, healthy team spirit and competitiveness in the team.

CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT It is most important! If you are not constantly accelerating, then competitors are bypassing you. No stagnation! We are improving not so much in our own interests as in the interests of our clients.

CARE FOR CUSTOMERS Our employees are happy to serve you, clients, and get a drive from their work, because they constantly improve their qualifications and see career prospects.

TRANSPARENCY We are completely open to partners, clients and the media. It is easy and pleasant to tell the truth. We have nothing to hide.

FAIR COMPETITION We respect business colleagues and do not use unfair competition methods. Our service speaks for itself!