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for sale

Object price

16500 000 baht

For sale


City: Pattaya

District: Na-Jomtien

Area: 400 m²


Contact manager: Mikhail

t. +66 62-005-33-22

City: Pattaya
District: Na-Jomtien
Total area (m²): 400
Price, baht: 16500 000


Hotel worker with a license for the company is decorated, the location of the second is from Vellects Jomtien. On floor 4 rooms. 2 to 32 m 2 to 27 m2. On the first floor bar restaurant, there is. Cooking for cooking. Large spaces for the restaurant on the 1st floor. If you need not just to buy real estate in Pattaya, but at the same time sell your property in another area of ​​the city, the region or abroad, or take a mortgage in Pattaya, contact us we will be glad to help you. Tel: 8-800-350-77-88 +66 62 005 3322 Mikhail

8750 т.б.
Земля 2 Рай (3 200 кв.м) 8 000 000 бат. Расположение - Бан Та
36000 т.б.
О P.House1: 36 номеров + балкон; подвал; чердак; офис; Элект