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for sale

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15900 000 baht

For sale


City: Pattaya

District: Jomtien


City: Pattaya
District: Jomtien
Number of floors: 5
Price, baht: 15900 000


Hotel for sale (there is a license), a business business.
SOI Welcome Jomtien, 5 floors, the hotel has repair.
  14 studios and 1 bedroom, large commercial premises on the first floor, all furniture is new from Index.
Located 100 meters from the beach in a very popular location.
If you need not just to buy real estate in Pattaya, but at the same time sell your property in another area of ​​the city, the region or abroad, or take a mortgage in Pattaya, contact us we will be glad to help you.
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загрузка карты...
16500 т.б.
Отель  рабочий с  лицензией на компанию офор
15900 т.б.
ОТЕЛЬ НА ПРОДАЖУ (есть лицензия), действующий бизн
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